Styling, It's Not Just For Celebrities

Every house has a different vibe, style, and architecture. When prepping a property for sale, its individuality should be taken into consideration. Not every home should have a mass produced feel with the same ol’ furniture and marketing. Even though it is a seller’s market there are properties that are not selling and some that are selling short of their potential; therefore, it is important to highlight characteristics and do the proper preparation to stand out from the rest. It is all about collaboration. I work with four different stagers and pair the stager’s style to that of my client’s property. Often it is the little touches that make the difference and set one listing apart from another. I attend Designer Showcase Homes to educate myself on what buyers want and to give expert insight.

Light fixtures and colors are similar to belts and shoes; they have to go with the outfit.  You want your property to look good, right?  Not every house is already adorned with a gorgeous vintage dining room light fixture but adding one can be the key accessory in giving off just the right vibe to prospective buyers when they preview the home. The wrong styling, or repetitive styling, can leave money on the table. When the market shifts, how will your house stand apart?


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