Love It! Buy It In Oakland!

I love a home that smells good. Whether it is garlic and onions sautéing or cookies baking, nothing is as inviting as a heavenly scent. Sometimes when I visit open houses in the area, (Oakland and Berkeley), I see Realtors burning fragrant candles or simmering mulling spices on the stove. The purpose is to draw people in, and have them linger.

I am a candle addict and it is amazing how expensive candles are!!! Diptyque Candles are $80, imported from France and have a cult following. Is it worth spending so much money on something that will last 60-100 hours? We live in a society where luxury goods are in high demand. We really can't afford it, but we want it, so we charge it. My grandmother, who lived through the depression, had tapered unscented candles for special occasions only. Perhaps she had a few pillar candles for emergency purposes, but she would never burn candles while she was enjoying an evening at home! To burn candles essentially is like burning money.

So let me get back on track, I indulge in candle. I have tried dozens of brands and fragrances and I have two favorites. Slatkin Pamplemousse (grapefruit) for $28.00 and Bluewick GuavaPeel for $32.00.

These two candles give you the biggest bang for your buck, as their delectable aroma will fill more than a room.

If you live in the Oakland/Berkeley area take a trip to Rockridge Home on College Avenue. This is a fun and independently owned home furnishing shop. When you walk into Rockridge Home, the aroma of Bluewick’s GuavaPeel candle will draw you in. (They always burn this candle during store hours.)

At Rockridge Home you can buy several sizes of this amazing candle and you have the benefit of smelling it before you buy it. (Shop at Rockridge Home for wedding gifts, candles, sofas, coffee tables and more.)