Oakland-Berkeley Real Estate at a Glance

At Red Oak Realty, the real estate brokerage I hang my license, most of our agents were busy this summer!  At almost every weekly meeting  we would discuss the market and talk about the multiple offers that were taking place.  Red Oak has about 80 full-time Realtors and does a great deal of the Bay Area production.  A few weeks back my office opened 89 escrows within one week!  Last week, Red Oak Realtors were both the winning offer and the back-up offer for two properties for sale in Oakland.  I love working at an active office, the energy keeps me competitive and I am able to hear many tales of the East Bay real estate underworld. Attached is a chart of the Oakland-Berkeley market from mid-summer, (July 2009 in select zip codes)   To obtain current real estate data from a select neighborhood, email me, deidre@redoakrealty.com.