Here are Some Tips to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

1. Buy a cross-cut type shredder and be sure to shred all personal and card info, especially approved credit applications. 2. Be careful of "Dumpster Diving." Make sure that you do not throw anything away that someone could use to become you.

3. Be careful at ATM's and using phone cards. "Shoulder Surfers" can get your "Pin Number" and get access to your accounts.

4. Cancel all credit cards that you do not use or have not used in 6 months. Thieves use these very easily - open credit is a prime target.

5. Put passwords on all your accounts and do not use your mother's maiden name. Make up a fictitious word.

6. Empty your wallet of all extra credit cards and social security numbers, etc. Do not carry any identifiers you do not need. Don't carry your birth certificate, social security card, or passport, unless necessary.