Why is my house not selling?

The Bay Area real estate market is healthy, in fact many properties are having multiple offers, so why is your house not selling?

Here are a few things to consider. Sadly for sellers the real estate market peaked in September 2005, so you need to think realistically, most likely you will not sell your home for the same price your neighbor got two years ago. The good news is any home will sell at the right price!

When your home hits the real estate market, the first three weeks are critical so you need to price your home right from the beginning. Even in this market buyers think a home has "issues" when it is on the market longer than 25-30 days. Remember there is no fooling a home buyer, home buyers and their Realtors will know what your home's true value is.

Sometimes with the correct pre-marketing plan your home will have multiple offers! Make sure your home is ready for the marketplace, it is best to present your home to the public with your "A game". Sometimes you will see homes on the market with confidential remarks such as, "seller to replace flooring by close of escrow." Regardless of the promise, a home will not sell unless a buyer falls in love with it. Unless you are selling your home as a "fixer" a person should physically see what they are buying.

Hire a Realtor who will aggressively market your home. In today's market it is super important to have a heavy emphasis on Internet marketing. The vast majority of home buyers start their home search on the Internet.

When you are considering selling your home, identify the reasons. Is it just because you want a change or have you out-grown your home? My point is maybe now is not the best time for you to sell. Maybe there are some inexpensive fixes to the "problem" aspects of your home. Possibly it is best to hold on to your home another year or two until you acquire a bit more equity.

If you are looking for a Realtor to give you honest answers to your tough questions, give me a call, I am happy to help. My motto is, I would rather under promise and over deliver. I am here to be your resource and when the time is right, I am ready to work aggressively for you.

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