Bathroom Simple

Because of my bathroom remodel gone wrong  in 1999, I am a big advocate for do it right the first time.  When I purchased my home the entire place was in need of major repair, this was a major fixer. It needed 35 foundation piers, a French drain system, new roof, bathrooms, kitchen, paint, hardwood floor refinishing and that does not touch the landscaping, fencing and lighting.  At the time of the purchase I was completely overwhelmed with a 2 ½  year old and an 8 month old.  I picked out tiles and fixtures based upon cost and the desire to just have a clean space.  Of course I immediately hated the room when it was complete and despised when people had to use the bathroom, frankly I was embarrassed.  I am suppose to have great taste, what happened?!  Last year my husband and I decided to gut the space and start over.  We have a very different aesthetic, and to add to the complexity, I wanted to avoid anything Made in China. We designed it together and agreed on everything pictured.  Our home was built in 1951 and I wanted a modern, simple look that would blend with the home. At some point, I may add art, but I would rather have flowers, art and accessories add color.  I wanted a neutral space that I would not get tired of.