1950's Style Lives On In Oakland


With World War II over, America was optimistic about a new beginning. When you view 1950's houses, (that have not been renovated) you will often see cheery colors such as pink bathrooms and yellow accents.

If you are looking to paint your rooms to mirror the 50's authentically, here is your inspiration. This aqua blue mid-century home in the Redwood Heights district of Oakland is now pending, (listed by Judith Cain of Grubb Co. there were two offers.)  I like how the owner embraced this home's mid-century roots and painted the exterior in a tasteful color shade of turquoise, a nod to classic mid-century Americana.

The sunny yellow kitchen below is a Montclair, (Oakland, CA.) mid-century home. (Currently listed with Glass-Sabine with Grubb Co.) Compare this current photo of a mid-century kitchen with the vintage photo at the bottom, and you can see all of the in-tact 50's details. Classic chrome cabinet pulls, Formica with aluminum edging countertops, vibrant colors and linoleum floors.