How Important Are Trees and Landscaping?

I was reflecting on some of my past listings that had that magic factor, the homes that had more than a half dozen offers and here is one common thread, the outdoor space was often thoughtfully maintained and improved - a place that many buyers would want to seek refuge in .  Mature trees have many benefits, they provide cleaner air, shade, a picturesque outlook, privacy from neighbors, and sound when the wind sweeps through the leaves.  San Francisco magazine did an Oakland issue last year, as so many SF residents are migrating to the Oakland marketplace.  One of the main reasons - we have backyards! Guido_TREE

My client Cassidy is the Vice President for Tree Sculpture,  If you have valuable and/or large trees you may want hire an arborist to maintain and keep them healthy.

Cassidy sent this information over to me as he understands how valuable trees and landscaping is for homeowners:

Due to the prolonged drought, trees throughout our region are under extraordinary stress. As a result, many tree species are much more susceptible to breakage and failure… especially with the winds and rains associated with winter.  Knowing what signs to look for and performing proper preventive care will reduce potential hazards and help to preserve the health and beauty of your highly valued trees.

To learn how to identify 6 potential hazards and 5 actions to take to preserve your trees, please visit: