Oh Julia!


This past weekend I went to see Julie & Julia at the movie theater and I immediately came home and googled Julia Child.  Why didn't I know more about her?  I went to Culinary School for Pete's sake, I should have a library of her PBS television shows on my bookcase.  My father watched a great deal of Saturday morning cooking, so I definitely remember her voice in the background of my life.  The movie portrays Julia as a devoted wife who enjoys great food, great wine and butter.  The photo above is Julia's Cambridge kitchen in 2001 after it was dismantled and put on display in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. (Everything is from Julia's kitchen except the walls and floors.)

Why am I bringing up Julia Child, her movie and life on my real estate and style blog?  Because I  love her kitchen!  Maybe it is because many great meals were prepared here, but also there is something homey about Kitchen-Aid mixers on the counters and a vast variety of pots and pans hanging on a peg-board.  Often the kitchens that we drool over in magazines have sparse counters with bowls of lemons.  The kitchens are fantastic, but they do not look lived in.  I tried to find out when this kitchen was last remodeled, as I believe Julia hosted 3 different television series in this kitchen, but I had no luck.  The green shaker style cabinetry is classic and warm, the large farm style table in the middle of the room is perfect for family gatherings or the ideal place to sit and chop.  I never would have thought to hang framed artwork on my cabinet doors, but it all works.  The wall oven is a bit big for the cabinet it holds, (making me believe that oven was a newer addition, but the photos of Julia Child's kitchen by Pedro E. Guerrero from 1962 look quite modern.)   If  any of you know more about the Julia and her kitchen remodels leave a comment!

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