Oh Julia!


This past weekend I went to see Julie & Julia at the movie theater and I immediately came home and googled Julia Child.  Why didn't I know more about her?  I went to Culinary School for Pete's sake, I should have a library of her PBS television shows on my bookcase.  My father watched a great deal of Saturday morning cooking, so I definitely remember her voice in the background of my life.  The movie portrays Julia as a devoted wife who enjoys great food, great wine and butter.  The photo above is Julia's Cambridge kitchen in 2001 after it was dismantled and put on display in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. (Everything is from Julia's kitchen except the walls and floors.)

Why am I bringing up Julia Child, her movie and life on my real estate and style blog?  Because I  love her kitchen!  Maybe it is because many great meals were prepared here, but also there is something homey about Kitchen-Aid mixers on the counters and a vast variety of pots and pans hanging on a peg-board.  Often the kitchens that we drool over in magazines have sparse counters with bowls of lemons.  The kitchens are fantastic, but they do not look lived in.  I tried to find out when this kitchen was last remodeled, as I believe Julia hosted 3 different television series in this kitchen, but I had no luck.  The green shaker style cabinetry is classic and warm, the large farm style table in the middle of the room is perfect for family gatherings or the ideal place to sit and chop.  I never would have thought to hang framed artwork on my cabinet doors, but it all works.  The wall oven is a bit big for the cabinet it holds, (making me believe that oven was a newer addition, but the photos of Julia Child's kitchen by Pedro E. Guerrero from 1962 look quite modern.)   If  any of you know more about the Julia and her kitchen remodels leave a comment!

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Oakland-Berkeley Real Estate at a Glance

At Red Oak Realty, the real estate brokerage I hang my license, most of our agents were busy this summer!  At almost every weekly meeting  we would discuss the market and talk about the multiple offers that were taking place.  Red Oak has about 80 full-time Realtors and does a great deal of the Bay Area production.  A few weeks back my office opened 89 escrows within one week!  Last week, Red Oak Realtors were both the winning offer and the back-up offer for two properties for sale in Oakland.  I love working at an active office, the energy keeps me competitive and I am able to hear many tales of the East Bay real estate underworld. Attached is a chart of the Oakland-Berkeley market from mid-summer, (July 2009 in select zip codes)   To obtain current real estate data from a select neighborhood, email me, deidre@redoakrealty.com.


Oakland and Berkeley Real Estate at a Glance


                                  2009                 2008

    Active Listings             138                    188
    Under Contract            47                      35
    Closed Sales                 38                      60
    Average Sales Price   $828,624      $835,000

    Active Listings             1052                   2286
    Under Contract            363                     226
    Closed Sales                  280                    201
    Average Sales Price   $335,000        $492,000

    Keep in mind the Oakland stats include all areas of Oakland.  To understand a specific neighborhood, I can do a custom report for you.  deidre@redoakrealty.com

    Historic Warehouse For Sale in West Oakland

    Location: Oakland, CA Once stables for Wells Fargo Bank, then a Cigar Factory, this 2 story masonry warehouse w/wood floors is currently divided into nonconforming spaces that have been used as artist studios for the last 30 years. Retrofit to minimum voluntary standards in 1994; 1 gas & electric meter for entire bldg, easement for 5 off street parking spaces in adjacent lot. Probate/requires court confirmation, needs work.


    The Old Rossi Cigar Warehouse

    This 12000 square foot commercial building has 2 floors, 5 parking spaces and is listing with Sara @ Red Oak Realty for $799,000.  This gorgeous  brick structure was purchased a few years back for over a $1million by a recording artist, who had dreams of building a sound studio, teaching children music, as well as living in this space.  Unfortunately, the previous owner passed away prematurely of cancer.  What can you make of her big dream?

    East Bay Adventures

    Upcoming events in the Oakland-Berkeley area.Charles Chocolates in Emeryville, (6529 Hollis Street) is hosting FREE summer movies. Tonight's film is Soul Food and in honor of this movie, barbecue ribs, fried catfish and mac n' cheese will be on sale, (along with Charles Chocolates' Blue Bottle coffee services, hot chocolate and sweets).  Food and snacks service will start at 6:30 and the movie starts at 9:00 pm. To order ticket click here.

    Future film line up:

    July 10 - Soul Food.

    July 24 - Tortilla Soup.

    August 14th - Babette's Feast

    August 28th - Ratatouille.

    September 11th - Pizza

    September 25th - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

    July 24 - Tortilla Soup.

    August 14th - Babette's Feast

    August 28th - Ratatouille.

    September 11th - Pizza

    September 25th - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

    Sheila  Metcalf Tobin, (SheilaMetcalfTobin.com) will have her art on display at Herribone in Berkeley.


    Pretty Penny, (Rockridge - prettypennyclothing.com.) will be hosting their first Craft Bazaar, highlighting a group of local crafters.


    Mark Schroeder's latest sculptures will be on display at the Autobody Fine Art Gallery in Alameda from July 10 to August 16.  The opening reception is Friday, July 10, from 7:00 -10:00 p.m.  The gallery is located at 1517 Park St. across the street from the Havana restaurant. MarkSchroeder.com


    Redwood Heights Home Just Got A Cool Price Reduction

    living IMG_6369

    This sunny 1940's home on Reinhardt Street in Oakland just got a $30,000 price reduction, making Redwood Heights affordable to first time buyers.  (I love the vaulted ceilings in this living room!)    I work with the listing agent, Leif and will be holding it open for him this Sunday.  Being a Redwood Heights resident, I know the inside scoop for this neighborhood.  Email me if you have questions.  - Deidre