A Home For A Lifetime

I love this photo, taken by Scott Hargis.  This captures, the stunning setting surrounding this amazing home.

Richard was raised in Nebraska and Madeline grew up in Massachusetts. As fate would have it Richard and Madeline met on a blind date in Egypt. Madeline worked for the State Department and Richard for the Caterpillar Tractor Co. They fell in love, moved to Beirut, Lebanon and started their family. The Minards, now a family of 5 were ready to move back to the US and raise Steve, Kathy and John. Out of all of the places on this continent, they chose a premium lot in El Cerrito, California. With no family in the area, they moved to 1764 Julian Court in 1962, planted roots and had a wonderful life.

Richard worked as an engineer for a non-profit and Madeline was in the PTA, was a Brownie troop leader and loved to golf at the nearby Mira Vista Country Club. The Minards 1/2 acre lot produced gorgeous blooms and supreme vegetables, that the family happily shared with all of the Julian Court neighbors. Madeline used the harvest from their garden to cook her favorites: Tabbouleh, Tomato Chicken Curry and almost anything from her beloved Julia Child cookbook. Steve, Kathy and John loved roaming the back yard, digging forts, finding lizards and tunneling through the tall soft grass right before it was cut.

The Minards could have lived anywhere in the world, but they chose this fine piece of land high on an El Cerrito hill.

The Joy of Entertaining...

Over the past two months, I have been preparing this beautiful cottage for the marketplace. I think this is the perfect place to have the ultimate dinner party.  Every house has a story to tell and the cottage at 3915 Laguna lets the imagination take flight. For me, the discovery of the history of a home is a labor of love and is as important as the home itself. Christina and Richard transformed their Dimond Cottage into a masterpiece and it is an honor to represent them in the sale of their first home. Each home I market has a story to tell. Please call me when you are ready to tell the story of your house. Click here to view the Laguna Cottage.

3915 Laguna
3915 Laguna

Coming Soon in Redwood Heights!

For the last few months I have been working on this beautiful 1940's home in Redwood Heights. Every improvement that has been made over the past few weeks have been meticulously chosen to satisfy this home's new owner. I call this home Javier's House. Here Javier lived and played, and together with his mom, made many memories. This house is on an over sized lot with two backyards! In the second backyard Javier's uncle built a handsome fort which served as a catalyst for many an adventure as well as sheltered Javier and his mom from a summer's hot night. It is my job to market all of my listings in the best manor to entice as many home buyers as possible. Sure I have seen listings that fall short of their advertisement, but I do believe you will be refreshed when you visit this home. SAVE THE DATE! Sunday June 1st I will be hosting the first open house/garden party. Come, say hello and join me for a lemonade out in the garden.

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Homeowner sells with ease

Website: Berkeley Parent Network-http://parents.berkeley.edu/ This web site contains thousands of pages of recommendations and advice contributed by members of the Berkeley Parents Network, a free parent-to-parent email network for the community of parents in the Berkeley, California area. Formerly called "UCB Parents", this network is run by a group of volunteer parents in their "spare" time. Many busy parents have taken the time to give their suggestions, their wisdom, and their experiences. Check out BPN for advice from schools to repair specialists.

Recently, I sold 50 Emery Bay Drive in Emeryville. I was happily surprised to see that my clients recommended me on the Berkeley Parents Network! I feel honored to be mentioned on BPN, as all recommendations come from people who live in our community who feel compelled to share a great experience.

Here is what my sellers had to say: " I wholeheartedly recommend Deidre Joyner with Prudential. She just sold our house with great success! (Multiple offers in less than a week, sold over asking, etc...) She is an Oakland resident so she knows the market very well. Check out her website (www.deidrejoyner.com) and call her at 510.835.6180. She does everything to sell your house. "

Source: http://www.theoaklandberkeleyjournal.com/w...